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Sour Beer Notes from the Panel

Experiencing a Sour Beer NoteSince 1994, our diligent panel of masterbrewers and American Home brewing Association Judges has evaluated over 7,500 different U.S. microbrewed products! You could say we've rated a few beers.

Many have asked, "Just how do I get on this panel?", and stated, "Sounds like a great gig". Well the fact of the matter is that just because you happen to be a microbrewer, it doesn't necessarily mean that you're making great beer. In fact, we might go so far as to say that some of them are producing some pretty nasty stuff. Over the years we've collected some pretty colorful comments from our panel members and would like to share some of them with you.

There'll be no mention of the brewery or beer being ridiculed or slammed as the legal boys at corporate urged us strongly on this matter, just the comments about the beers themselves.

  • "This is BAD beer. Medicinal fusel alcohols everywhere, grainy, astringent, diacetyl evident. Need I say more?" - Jack
  • "This beer SUCKS! Hurl-Factor? At least a 9.5" - Tom
  •  "About the only good thing I could say about this beer is that it's got a nice label" - Pete
  •  "You could use this beer for several practical purposes, say to poison rodents, make a stink bomb, or perhaps even as a rust remover, but I would highly discourage drinking it if a pleasant experience is the desired result." - Kris
  •  "Grassy, Cooked Vegetables, Stale, astringent, sulfery and overall, undrinkable."- Bart
  • "Smells like my socks after the week I hiked the Grand Canyon" - Gary